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Analog Oscilloscope

Oscilloscopes are used to analyze changes in an electrical signal over time. An analog oscilloscope uses a CRT to display an electron beam that is deflected by an external signal. A dual channel oscilloscope has two separate input connectors with vertical sections that may be displayed simultaneously. A dual trace oscilloscope allows the user to select a single channel or use both channels at once. Dual channel oscilloscopes are useful in measuring phase changes and the response time of sensors.

A large selection of test equipment allows customers to choose the best analog oscilloscope for their application. Several BK Precision oscilloscopes are available including the high performance Model 2121 dual trace oscilloscope. The 2121 oscilloscope has a bandwidth of 30 MHz and is very modestly priced. The BK Precision 2190B oscilloscope has a bandwidth of 100 MHz and features 5mV division sensitivity. It also includes a delayed time base and bandwidth limiter.

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