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Fluke DSP-4000 Series

Cable & LAN Tester

A cable analyzer passes current though the line to check for opens and shorts. These tests are commonly referred to as continuity and resistance test respectively. A LAN cable tester is designed to test Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 network cables used in computer networks. Cable testers verify that the cables are connected properly and that the communication strength between devices is adequate.

The DTX-1800-M Fluke cable analyzer is three times faster than traditional network cable analyzer with a 9 second, Cat 6 autotest. The DTX Fiber Module allows it to perform basic fiber certification five times faster. It verifies the availability of network and IP services using the Network Service Module. The Fluke Networks ES2-LAN-SX/I EtherScope provides installation, maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities. It analyzes gigabit and wireless LANs, monitors network traffic and switch interfaces and performs 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN analysis at an exceptional rate of speed. The EtherScope is compact, lightweight and portable.

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Fluke DSP-4000 Digital Cable Analyzer Fluke DSP-4300 Digital CableAnalyzer
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