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Reliable Data Acquisition Systems

Data acquisition systems are vital to collecting and manipulating data generated from the measurement of light intensity, fluid flow or gas pressure. Our data acquisition hardware all feature reliable components for portable, flexible solutions for stand-alone or PC based data acquisition. For example, the Fluke Hydra Series is rugged and tested to be operable in the toughest conditions. Its operating range is between 0˚C to 60˚C and is put through grueling tests of immense shock and vibration standards. Additionally, each Hydra Acquisition unit is build using sturdy metal chassis which produces an effective electromagnetic interference shield, maintaining high measurement accuracy on low level signals.

Our Fluke data logger and data acquisition systems are available for stand-alone or PC based applications. Their PC based data acquisition units are compact and versatile. Fluke portable data loggers are equipped with data logger software for stand-alone applications. They are capable of storing more than 2000 scans. To make interfacing with the computer simple, Agilent data acquisition switch units provides a 3 slot mainframe with GPIB with built-in RS232 interfaces and built in signal conditioning. It is equipped with 50K nonvolatile memory that stores data in the event of power outage.

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Fluke 2620A Hydra Data Acquisition Unit Fluke 2620A-05 Hydra Data Acquisition Unit w/ GPIB option Fluke 2625A
Fluke 2625A Hydra Data Logger
Our Price: $1,195.00
Fluke 2635A Fluke 2640A NetDAQ Data Acquisition Unit Fluke 2645A NetDAQ Data Acquisition Unit
Fluke 2635A Hydra Data Bucket
Our Price: $1,390.00
Keithley 2700 DMM / Data Acquisition, Datalogging System Agilent HP 34901A Multiplexer Module Agilent HP 34903A Actuator/GP Switch Module
Agilent HP 34904A Matrix Module Agilent HP 34905A RF Multiplexer Module Agilent HP 34907A Module
Agilent HP 34907A Module
Our Price: $175.00
Agilent HP 34908A Single-Ended Multiplexer Module Agilent HP 34970A Data Acquisition Switch Unit HP/Agilent 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit
HP/Agilent 34937A 32-Channel FormC/Form A General Purpose Switch for 34980A HP/Agilent 34922A 70-Channel Armature Multiplexer for 34980A HP/Agilent 34923A 70-Channel Armature Multiplexer for 34980A
Fluke 2638A Fluke 1586A
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