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Best Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Fiber optics is an optically pure glass arranged in optical cables that are capable of transmitting digital information over long distances. They are most commonly used in communications networks such as cable television, telephones and internet. A variety of fiber optic tools and equipment are available for manufacturers and test facilities. Fiber optic cables can also become damaged out in the field. Fiber optic test equipment is available to assist in troubleshooting.

The Promax Prolite 11 Visual Fault Locator can help locate the source of problems in fiber optic equipment. Its pen like design allows it to be conveniently carried in a pocket. Fluke offers a number of Fiber Verification Kits that can verify proper installation, locate faults and inspect connector endfaces. Fluke also produces the best fiber microscope available for detecting contaminants in fiber optics. Their FT-140 400X fiber optic microscope features an easy to use manual focus and filters to protect the eyes from exposure to harmful light.

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