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Every Fluke network tester that we provide can identify problems with connectivity in seconds. It has the ability to analyze the signals of routers, computers and mobile devices, and it can provide reports for connections that have a speed of up to 100 gigabytes per second.

The Fluke Network Cable Analyzer able to provide information about signals three times more quickly than similar devices. It can determine the capacity of fiber-optic cables of all sizes. Furthermore, it is capable of offering reports about the functionality of networks and particular IP addresses. In terms of high performance network cable testing equipment, the Fluke DTX cable analyzer has a maximum bandwidth of 900 megahertz, and it is able to automatically test any connection within nine seconds. The tool's lithium-ion batteries allow it to operate without being charged for 12 hours, and a kit that adds 10 gigabytes of memory can be installed in the device.

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Fluke DSP-4000 Digital Cable Analyzer Fluke DSP-4300 Digital CableAnalyzer
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