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Anemometers, Extraction Systems & More Quality Test Equipment

Our handheld anemometers can determine the speed of airflow, and the device can calculate velocity by using a wide variety of units, such as knots, miles per hour, kilometers per hour, meters each second and feet per second. Should you be in the need of an industrial extractor, our Fume Extraction Systems offer heavy-duty motors that do not contain brushes. The most advanced system that we provide, manufactured by Pace, will automatically increase the power of the motor and the speed of the airflow if the filter becomes clogged. Released air is filtered of contaminants, while the Pace Arm Evac provides continuous particle filter monitoring to protect against future blockage.

For quality electrical safety testing instruments, Test Equipment Sales offers a variety of HiPot testers to verify the electrical insulation in various types of appliances. In order to detect exceptionally low levels of leakage, each HiPot Tester system is capable of analyzing both direct currents and alternating currents. We also offer a component tester for a price of only $107. We also carry of host of industrial equipment including soldering stations. The Pace Soldering Stations will automatically display the temperatures of up to three channels simultaneously, and the device features a state-of-the-art valve that lets the user manually control the pressure.

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Vitrek 951i 6KV AC/DC HiPot, Insulation Resistance and Low Resistance Tester Vitrek 952I 6KV AC/DC/IR/GB/LR Electric Safety Compliance Analyzer Vitrek 953I 11KVDC 6KVAC/IR/LR Electric Safety Compliance Analyzer
Vitrek 954I 11KVDC 6KV AC/IR/GB/LR Electric Safety Compliance Analyzer Vitrek 955I 11KVDC 10KV AC/IR/LR Electric Safety Compliance Analyzer Vitrek 959I Ground Bond/LR Safety Compliance Analyzer
IFR (Instrument Flight Research) COM120B Communications Service Monitor Pace Arm-Evac 105 Pace Arm-Evac 200
Pace Arm-Evac 105
Our Price: $629.00
Pace Arm-Evac 200
Our Price: $979.00
Pace Arm-Evac 250 Pace Arm-Evac 50 Pace Arm-Evac 500
Pace Arm-Evac 250
Our Price: $1,449.00
Pace Arm-Evac 50
Our Price: $789.00
Pace Arm-Evac 500
Our Price: $2,689.00
Pace MBT 250-SD Pace MBT 250-SDTP Pace MBT 350 Digital Soldering/Desoldering System
Pace MBT 250-SD
Our Price: $1,495.00
Pace MBT 250-SDTP
Our Price: $2,359.00
Pace PRC 2000 Repair Center Pace ST 100 Digital Soldering and Rework System Pace ST 115 System
Pace PRC 2000 Repair Center
Our Price: $5,295.00
Pace ST 115 System
Our Price: $799.00
Pace ST 300 Low Cost Hot Air Reflow System Pace ST 325 Digital Programmable Hot Air Reflow System Pace ST 350 Convective Rework Center
Pace ST 400 Radiant Pre-Heater Pace ST 450 Convective Pre-Heater Vitrek 930i Ground Bond Tester and AC Low-Ohm Ohmmeter
Vitrek 944i Dielectric Tester Vitrek V70 AC HiPot Tester Vitrek V71 AC/DC HiPot Tester
Vitrek 944i Dielectric Tester
Our Price: $1,895.00
Vitrek V70 AC HiPot Tester
Our Price: $1,295.00
Vitrek V71 AC/DC HiPot Tester
Our Price: $1,695.00
Vitrek V73 AC/DC/IR HiPot Tester Vitrek V74 AC/DC/IR/GB HiPot Tester Vitrek V79 Ground BondTester
Vitrek V79 Ground BondTester
Our Price: $1,495.00
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