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Industrial Multimeter Equipment

We offer a wide variety of industrial digital multimeters that can test diodes of all types and analyze the strength of direct currents and alternating currents. The Agilent Multimeters devices can generate 50,000 readings per second, and they have the ability to provide detailed reports that include the capacity of a diode and its temperature.

Test Equipment Sales offers a wide variety of current clamp meters for safe noninvasive current measurement. Each of the BK Precision Clamp-On Amp Meters are able to measure up to 600 volts of electricity and resistance testing. Every DC clamp meter comes with a warranty that lasts for one year in order to guarantee high quality equipment from a trusted source.

For other metered testing equipment, the BK precision temperature humidity meter lets the user record data during a time period of four hours to 678 days. The meter has three LCD displays, and it is able to provide 16,300 data points with dual input capability housed in the remote wand. Furthermore, the meter can be controlled from any location by using the machine's software to create a wireless link to a computer or a mobile device.

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Keithley 2400 SourceMeter Keithley 2410 SourceMeter Keithley 2420 SourceMeter
Keithley 2400 SourceMeter
Our Price: $3,695.00
Keithley 2410 SourceMeter
Our Price: $4,995.00
Keithley 2420 SourceMeter
Our Price: $4,395.00
Keithley 2430 SourceMeter Keithley 2440 SourceMeter Agilent HP 437B 100 kHz to 110 GHz, Power Meter
Keithley 2430 SourceMeter
Our Price: $7,995.00
Keithley 2440 SourceMeter
Our Price: $6,295.00
Agilent HP 438A Dual Channel RF Power Meter w/ cables FLUKE 45 Dual Display DMM FLUKE 8840A 5.5 digit DMM
FLUKE 45 Dual Display DMM
Our Price: $395.00
FLUKE 8840A 5.5 digit DMM
Our Price: $395.00
FLUKE 8840A-05-09 5.5 digit DMM FLUKE 8842A 5.5 Digit DMM FLUKE 8920A Digital RMS Voltmeter
FLUKE 8842A 5.5 Digit DMM
Our Price: $495.00
Agilent HP 8970B-020 Noise Figure Meter Instek LCR-8101G High Precision LCR Meter Instek LCR-8105G High Precision LCR Meter
Instek LCR-8110G High Precision LCR Meter Instek High Precision LCR Meters LCR-819 Instek High Precision LCR Meters LCR-821
Instek High Precision LCR Meters LCR-819
List Price: $1,850.00
Our Price: $1,850.00
Instek High Precision LCR Meters LCR-821
List Price: $2,560.00
Our Price: $2,560.00
Agilent HP N8975A Noise Figure Analyzer Agilent HP Q8486A Power Sensor Agilent HP R8486A Power Sensor
Agilent HP W8486A Waveguide Power Sensor HP/Agilent 8481A Power Sensor 10MHz-18GHz HP/Agilent 8481B Power Sensor 10MHz-18GHz
HP/Agilent 8481D Power Sensor 10MHz-18GHz w/ 11730A attenuator HP/Agilent 8481H Power Sensor 10MHz-18GHz HP/Agilent 8482A Power Sensor 100kHz-4.2GHz
Agilent HP 8484A High Sensitivity Power Sensor HP/Agilent 8485A Power Sensor 50MHz-26.5GHz Agilent HP 8485D Diode Power Sensor
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