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Network analyzers test transmission and reflection properties on an electrical network. An audio spectrum analyzer is used to analyze the frequencies in an audio signal. They are most often used to detect distortion and unwanted signals in all types of audio equipment. The RF spectrum analyzer captures the frequency and power information of the RF signal. A vector signal analyzer also measures frequency and power but is capable of acquiring phase information. Both RF analyzers are frequently used to analyze communication transmitters and receivers such as those found in satellite systems, mobile radio and cellular telephones.

Agilent offers high quality network analyzers for all types of applications. The 3577A Agilent Network Analyzer measures impedance parameters in the 5Hz to 200MHz frequency range with resolutions of up to 0.001Hz. The 8722D Agilent Vector Network Analyzer covers frequency ranges between 50 MHz and 40 GHz. It features an integrated solid-state switching S-parameter test set. Both new and used network analyzers are available.

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HP/Agilent 86200B Detector
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