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New Instek Oscilloscopes

A digital storage oscilloscope samples an analog input signal and converts it into digital information. Digital oscilloscopes are used in a wide range of applications from research and development to electronics repair. They are employed by automotive engineers for analysis of data from engine control units and by medical researchers for measuring brain waves.

The Instek GDS-3152 dual channel oscilloscope has a maximum band width of 150 MHz. This digital storage oscilloscope delivers a real-time sampling rate of up to 5GSa/s and an equivalent time sampling rate of 100GSa/s. The GDS-2072A Instek oscilloscope has built-in segmented memory and waveform search functions. A zoom window and Pause-Play function allow easy navigation. It is also equipped with 36 automatic measurement functions. The Instek GDS-3154 4 channel oscilloscope uses an FPGA platform rather than a serial microprocessor for enhanced processing speed. Users can select an impedance of 50, 75, or 1M ohm. The rear USB port allows remote control or printer connectivity.

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