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33220A   Agilent 33220A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
33250A   Agilent 33250A 80 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
11583A   Agilent HP 11583A Coaxial Attenuators Set
11583C   Agilent HP 11583C Coaxial Attenuators Set
11683A   Agilent HP 11683A Range Calibrator
11713A   Agilent HP 11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver
11722A   Agilent HP 11722A Sensor Module
11975A   Agilent HP 11975A Amplifier
HP-16048A   Agilent HP 16048A Test Fixture
1680AD   Agilent HP 1680AD Standalone Logic Analyzer
34901A   Agilent HP 34901A Multiplexer Module
34903A   Agilent HP 34903A Actuator/GP Switch Module
34904A   Agilent HP 34904A Matrix Module
34905A   Agilent HP 34905A RF Multiplexer Module
34907A   Agilent HP 34907A Module
34908A   Agilent HP 34908A Single-Ended Multiplexer Module
34970A   Agilent HP 34970A Data Acquisition Switch Unit
355C   Agilent HP 355C Attenuator
355D   Agilent HP 355D Attenuator
3563A   Agilent HP 3563A Control System Analyzer
35677A   Agilent HP 35677A 100kHz to 200MHz, S-Parameter Test Set
35677B   Agilent HP 35677B 100kHz to 200MHz, S-Parameter Test Set
35689A   Agilent HP 35689A 199kHz to 150MHz, S-Parameter Test Set
3577A   Agilent HP 3577A 5Hz to 200MHz, Network Analyzer
3577B   Agilent HP 3577B 5Hz to 200MHz, Network Analyzer
3585B   Agilent HP 3585B 20 Hz to 40 MHz Spectrum Analyzer
3588A   Agilent HP 3588A 10 Hz to 150 MHz Used Spectrum Analyzer
3589A   Agilent HP 3589A 10 Hz to 150 MHz, Spectrum Network Analyzer
4195A   Agilent HP 4195A 10 Hz to 500 MHz, Used Network / Spectrum Analyzer
436A-022   Agilent HP 436A-022 Digital Power Meter
437B   Agilent HP 437B 100 kHz to 110 GHz, Power Meter
438A   Agilent HP 438A Dual Channel RF Power Meter w/ cables
4396A   Agilent HP 4396A 100 kHz to 1.8 GHz, Network Spectrum Analyzer
4396B   Agilent HP 4396B RF Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer
53131A   Agilent HP 53131A 225 MHz, Frequency Counter
53131A-010   Agilent HP 53131A-010 225 MHz Frequency Counter
53131A-010-030   Agilent HP 53131A-010-030 3 GHz Frequency Counter
53150A   Agilent HP 53150A 20 GHz, CW Microwave Frequency Counter
53151A   Agilent HP 53151A Frequency Counter
53152A   Agilent HP 53152A CW Microwave Counter
53181A   Agilent HP 53181A RF Frequency Counter
53181A-010-030   Agilent HP 53181A-010-030 2 Channel, RF Frequency Counter
5328A   Agilent HP 5328A Frequency Counter
5328B   Agilent HP 5328B Universal Counter
5334B   Agilent HP 5334B Frequency Counter
5335A   Agilent HP 5335A 200 MHz, Universal Counter
5342A   Agilent HP 5342A Frequency Counter
5343A   Agilent HP 5343A Frequency Counter
5347A   Agilent HP 5347A 20 GHz Microwave Counter/Power Meter
5350B   Agilent HP 5350B Frequency Counter
5351B   Agilent HP 5351B Frequency Counter
5352B   Agilent HP 5352B Frequency Counter
5361B   Agilent HP 5361B Pulse / CW Microwave Counter
5370B   Agilent HP 5370B Precision Time-Interval Universal Counter
5384A   Agilent HP 5384A Frequency Counter
5385A   Agilent HP 5385A Frequency Counter
5386A   Agilent HP 5386A Frequency Counter
54815A   Agilent HP 54815A 500 MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope with 4 Channels and Color Display
54832B   Agilent HP 54832B 1 GHz Infiniium Oscilloscope
54835A   Agilent HP 54835A 500 MHz Oscilloscope
54845A   Agilent HP 54845A 1.5 GHz Oscilloscope
54846B   Agilent HP 54846B Infiniium Oscilloscope
6063B   Agilent HP 6063B Electronic Load
8340B   Agilent HP 8340B Sweep Generator
8341B   Agilent HP 8341B Sweep Generator
8349B   Agilent HP 8349B Microwave Amplifier
8350B   Agilent HP 8350B Sweep Oscillator Mainframe
83572B   Agilent HP 83572B Sweep Generator Plug-In
83592B   Agilent HP 83592B Sweep Generator Plug-in
HP-83592B-002   Agilent HP 83592B-002 Sweep Generator Plug-in w/ step attenuator
83592C   Agilent HP 83592C Sweep Generator Plug-In
83620B   Agilent HP 83620B 20 GHz, Used Sweep Generator
83621A   Agilent HP 83621A Sweep Generator
83621B   Agilent HP 83621B Sweep generator
83623B   Agilent HP 83623B High Power Sweep Generator, 20 GHz range
83630B   Agilent HP 83630B 26.5 GHz, Used Sweep Generator
83640B   Agilent HP 83640B Sweep Generator
83640L   Agilent HP 83640L Sweep Generator
83650B   Agilent HP 83650B Sweep Generator
83732B   Agilent HP 83732B 10 MHz to 20 GHz Signal Generator
83752B   Agilent HP 83752B Sweep Generator
8447D   Agilent HP 8447D 100 kHz to 1.3 GHz, Amplifier
8447E   Agilent HP 8447E Amplifier
8447F   Agilent HP 8447F Preamplifier-Power Amplifer
8447F-H64   Agilent HP 8447F-H64 Preamplifier-Power Amplifer
8449B   Agilent HP 8449B Preamplifier
8484A   Agilent HP 8484A High Sensitivity Power Sensor
8485D   Agilent HP 8485D Diode Power Sensor
8487A   Agilent HP 8487A Power Sensor
8487D   Agilent HP 8487D Diode Power Sensor
8494G   Agilent HP 8494G Attenuator
8494H   Agilent HP 8494H Attenuator
8495G   Agilent HP 8495G Attenuator
8495H   Agilent HP 8495H Attenuator
8496A   Agilent HP 8496A Attenuator
8496B   Agilent HP 8496B Attenuator
8496G   Agilent HP 8496G Attenuator
8496H   Agilent HP 8496H Attenuator
85044A   Agilent HP 85044A 300kHz to 3 GHz, Used Transmission/Reflection Test Set
85044B   Agilent HP 85044B 75 Ohm, 300kHz to 2 GHz Transmission/Reflection Test Set
85046A   Agilent HP 85046A 300 kHz to 3 GHz, 50 Ohm, S-Parameter Test Set
85046B   Agilent HP 85046B 300 kHz to 3 GHz, 75 Ohm S-Parameter Test Set
8563E   Agilent HP 8563E 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz, Used Spectrum Analyzer
8563EC   Agilent HP 8563EC 30 Hz to 26.5, GHz Used Spectrum Analyzer
8564E   Agilent HP 8564E 9 kHz to 40 GHz Used Spectrum Analyzer
8564EC   Agilent HP 8564EC 30 Hz to 40 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8565E   Agilent HP 8565E 30 Hz to 50 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8565EC   Agilent HP 8565EC 30 Hz to 50 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
8593E   Agilent HP 8593E 9 kHz to 22 GHz, Used Spectrum Analyzer
8495E-010   Agilent HP 8594E-010 9 kHz to 2.9 GHz, Used Spectrum Analyzer w/ Tracking Generator
8595E   Agilent HP 8595E 9 kHz to 6.5 GHz, Used RF Spectrum Analyzer
8642B   Agilent HP 8642B 100 kHz to 2115 MHz Signal Generator
8647A   Agilent HP 8647A 250 kHz to 1 GHz Signal Generator
8648B   Agilent HP 8648B 9 kHz to 2000 MHz, Synthesized Signal Generator
8648C   Agilent HP 8648C 100 kHz to 3.2 GHz, Signal Generator
8648D   Agilent HP 8648D 9 kHz to 4 GHz Signal Generator
8656B   Agilent HP 8656B 100 kHz to 990 MHz Signal Generator
8657B   Agilent HP 8657B 100 kHz to 2.060 GHz Signal Generator
8663A   Agilent HP 8663A 100 kHz to 2560 MHz Signal Generator
8664A   Agilent HP 8664A 100 kHz to 3000MHz Signal Generator
8665B   Agilent HP 8665B 100 kHz to 6000 MHz, Used Signal Generator
8720ES   Agilent HP 8720ES 50 MHz to 20 GHz, Network Analyzer
8722D   Agilent HP 8722D 50 MHz to 40 GHz, Vector Network Analyzer
8722ES   Agilent HP 8722ES 50 MHz to 40 GHz, Vector Network Analyzer
8753C   Agilent HP 8753C 300 kHz to 3 GHz, Network Analyzer
8753D   Agilent HP 8753D 300 kHz to 3 GHz, Used Vector Network Analyzer
8753E   Agilent HP 8753E 30 kHz to 3 GHz Network Analyzer
8753ES   Agilent HP 8753ES 30 kHz to 3 GHz Network Analyzer
8753ET   Agilent HP 8753ET 30 kHz to 3 GHz Vector Network Analyzer
8757C   Agilent HP 8757C 10 MHz to 40 GHz, Scalar Network Analyzer
8757D   Agilent HP 8757D 10 MHz to 110 GHz, Scalar Network Analyzer
8757E   Agilent HP 8757E 10 MHz to 110 GHz Network Analyzer
HP-8970B   Agilent HP 8970B Noise Figure Meter
8970B-020   Agilent HP 8970B-020 Noise Figure Meter
HP-8971C   Agilent HP 8971C Noise Figure Test Set
E4402B   Agilent HP E4402B 9 kHz to 3.0 GHz Used Spectrum Analyzer
E4403B   Agilent HP E4403B 9 kHz to 3 GHz Used Spectrum Analyzer
E4404B   Agilent HP E4404B 9 kHz to 6.7 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
E4405B   Agilent HP E4405B 9 kHz to 13.2 GHz Used Spectrum Analyzer
E4407B   Agilent HP E4407B 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz, Used Spectrum Analyzer
E4412A   Agilent HP E4412A Power Sensor 10MHz-18GHz
E4413A   Agilent HP E4413A Power Sensor 50MHz-26.5GHz
E4421B   Agilent HP E4421B 250 kHz to 3000 MHz Signal Generator
E4423B   Agilent HP E4423B 250 kHz to 1000 MHz Signal Generator
E4424B   Agilent HP E4424B 250 kHz to 2000 MHz Signal Generator
E4432B   Agilent HP E4432B Signal Generator
E4436B   Agilent HP E4436B 250 kHz to 3000 MHz Signal Generator
E4438C   Agilent HP E4438C-1E5-300-402-409-504-601-UN7 250 kHz to 4000 MHz, ESG Vector Signal Generator
E4440A   Agilent HP E4440A 3 Hz to 26.5 GHz, Used Spectrum Analyzer
E4446A   Agilent HP E4446A 3 Hz to 44 GHz, Used Spectrum Analyzer
E4448A   Agilent HP E4448A 3 Hz to 50 GHz, Used Spectrum Analyzer
E9300A   Agilent HP E9300A Power Sensor 10MHz-18GHz
E9300B   Agilent HP E9300B Power Sensor 10MHz-18GHz
E9301H   Agilent HP E9301H Power Sensor 10MHz-6GHz
E9304A   Agilent HP E9304A Power Sensor 9kHz-6GHz
HP-N4002A   Agilent HP N4002A Noise Source
N4416A   Agilent HP N4416A 300 kHz to 6 GHz used S-Parameter Test Set
HP-N8973A   Agilent HP N8973A Noise Figure Analyzer
HP-N8974A   Agilent HP N8974A Noise Figure Analyzer
N8975A   Agilent HP N8975A Noise Figure Analyzer
Q8486A-RFB   Agilent HP Q8486A Power Sensor
R8486A   Agilent HP R8486A Power Sensor
R8486D   Agilent HP R8486D Power Sensor
W8486A   Agilent HP W8486A Waveguide Power Sensor
Agilent-N3305A   Agilent N3305A 500 Watt Electronic Load Module
Agilent-N5743A   Agilent N5743A DC System Power Supply, 12.5V, 60A, 750W
HP-34401A   Agilent/HP 34401A 6.5 digit DMM with HPIB
HP-34401A-RFB   Agilent/HP 34401A 6.5 digit DMM with HPIB
HP-34410A   Agilent/HP 34410A 6.5 digit High Performance DMM with HPIB
HP-34411A   Agilent/HP 34411A 6.5 digit Enhanced Performance DMM with HPIB
HP-34420A   Agilent/HP 34420A NanoVolt, Micro-ohm Meter
Agilent-HP-4275A   Agilent/HP 4275A Multi Frequency LCR Meter
Agilent-HP-4276A   Agilent/HP 4276A LCZ Meter
Agilent-HP-4277A   Agilent/HP 4277A LCZ Meter
Agilent-HP-4278A   Agilent/HP 4278A Capacitance Meter
Agilent-HP-4284A   Agilent/HP 4284A Precision LCR Meter
Agilent-HP-4285A   Agilent/HP 4285A Precision LCR Meter
Agilent-HP-4287A   Agilent/HP 4287A RF LCR Meter
Agilent-HP-6674A   Agilent/HP 6674A Autoranging 2000W DC P.S. w/ HPIB (0-60V 0-35A)
E4428C   Agilent/HP E4428C-503-UNB 250kHz-3GHz Analog Generator
BK-1211E   BK Precision 1211E Handheld NTSC Generator
BK-1253   BK Precision 1253 Handheld HDTV Pattern Generator
BK-1257   BK Precision 1257 Portable NTSC Generator
BK-1275   BK Precision 1275 Portable Video Pattern Generator
BK-1280B   BK Precision 1280B Benchtop Computer Monitor
BK-1501   BK Precision 1501 Battery Eliminator Dual-Voltage High-Current 1.5V or 3V @3A
BK-1502   BK Precision 1502 Battery Eliminator Heavy Duty DC
BK-1503   BK Precision 1503 Analog Display Power Supply 12VAC / 5A, 1-12VDC / 5A
BK-1511   BK Precision 1511 Power Supply Digital Discharge Tube
BK-1604A   BK Precision 1604A Single Output Isolation Transformer
BK-1621A   BK Precision 1621A Digital Display Power Supply 0 to 18V, 0 to 5A
BK-1623A   BK Precision 1623A Digital Display Power Supply 0 to 60V, 0 to 1.5A
BK-1627A   BK Precision 1627A Digital Display Power Supply 0 to 30V, 0 to 3A
BK-1651A   BK Precision 1651A Triple Output DC Power Supply
BK-1652   BK Precision 1652 Triple Output Digital Display DC Power Supply
BK-1653A   BK Precision 1653A AC POWER SUPPLY 150V 2A
BK-1655A   BK Precision 1655A 150VAC 3 Amp Power Supply
BK-1665   BK Precision 1665 DC Regulated Power Supply 20V, 10A
BK-1666   BK Precision 1666 DC Regulated Power Supply 40V, 5A
BK-1667   BK Precision 1667 DC Regulated Power Supply 60V, 3.3A

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