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Cutting-Edge Power Supply Technology

A state-of-the-art device is nothing without a powerful, variable DC power supply. Test Equipment Sales carries everything you need to get the ultimate power source for your machines and devices. Whether you are looking for Instek power supply, BK Precision power supply, Agilent power supply, electronic loads, A.C. power supplies or programmable DC power supplies, Test Equipment Sales has all of the right ingredients to make sure your devices run properly and efficiently.

When you are looking for a top-of-the-line power supply, Test Equipment Sales provides the latest and affordable devices. You can find supplies with triple output, parallel operation, low ripple and noise, continuous or dynamic load options, overload and reverse polarity protection, constant voltage and much more. These are some of the latest power supplies, and there are all kinds of options to find on TE Sales.

Test Equipment Sales customer service team can help you find the right power supply for your equipment. Call us at today at 1(800) 684-4651 or email at sales@tesales.com to speak with a knowledgeable TE Sales agent or contact us today with your question.

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Agilent HP 6063B Electronic Load Instek GPC-1850D  D.C. Triple Output Power Supply Instek GPC-3030D  D.C. Triple Output Power Supply
Instek GPC-3060D  D.C. Triple Output Power Supply Instek GPC-6030D  D.C. Triple Output Power Supply Instek GPD-2303S 2 Channels, 180W Programmable Linear DC Power Supply
Instek GPR-0830HD  D.C. Power Supply Instek GPR-11H30D  D.C. Power Supply Instek GPR-1810HD  D.C.  Power Supply
Instek GPR-1820D  D.C.  Power Supply Instek GPR-3060D  D.C. Power Supply Instek GPR-30H10D  D.C.  Power Supply
Instek GPR-3510HD  D.C.  Power Supply Instek GPR-6030D  D.C. Power Supply Instek GPR-6060D  D.C.  Power Supply
Instek GPR-7550D  D.C.  Power Supply Instek GPS-1830D  D.C. POWER SUPPLY Instek GPS-1850D  D.C. POWER SUPPLY
Instek GPS-2303 Dual Output DC Power Supply Instek GPS-3030D  D.C. POWER SUPPLY Instek GPS-3030DD  D.C. POWER SUPPLY
Instek GPS-3303 Triple Output DC Power Supply Instek GPS-4303 Quad Output DC Power Supply Instek PEL-2002 Electronic Load 2 slot mainframe
Instek PEL-2004 Electronic Load 4 slot mainframe Instek PEL-2020 Electronic Load Module Instek PEL-2030 Electronic Load Module
Instek PEL-2040 Electronic Load Module Instek PSM-2010 Programmable Dual-Range D.C. Power Supply Instek PSM-3004 Programmable Dual-Range D.C. Power Supply
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