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Precision Thermometer

A Precision Thermometer is one that is accurate within a stated fraction of a degree. They are used in many important industries where temperature control is critical such as laboratories, pharmaceuticals, meat and dairy processors. A reference thermometer is a calibrated thermometer used to verify the accuracy of other thermometers. Reference thermometers are usually calibrated with a NIST “traceable” thermometer.

Customers will find numerous types of precision thermometers for sale. The HR1560 Black Stack is a very versatile thermometer. It has NIST traceable calibration and can be used as a reference thermometer. An automated calibration system reads reference probes and sensors for testing. It is also a highly accurate data acquisition system. The HR1560 Black Stack consists of up to eight different modules that stack one behind the other. When modules are added, the software automatically reconfigures itself. The Hart Scientific 1524 is a handheld precision digital thermometer that can be used as a reference thermometer. It also includes data logging and graphing capabilities.

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