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Process Calibrators

Process calibrators are instruments used for troubleshooting and calibration of equipment in a variety of industries and include documenting process calibrators, multifunction process calibrators, single and multifunction temperature calibrators and loop calibrators. Calibrators may be used to verify the accuracy of electrical equipment such as multimeters, loop testers and insulation testers. They are also used to calibrate temperature and humidity equipment including thermocouples, furnaces and infrared meters as well as numerous types of pressure and mechanical equipment.

A variety of Fluke process calibrators are available for a wide range of applications. The Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator measures mA, volts, temperature, frequency, ohms, and pressure. A split display allows input and output values to be viewed simultaneously for calibrating transmitters. Frequently used test setups can be stored for later use. The Fluke 743B Documenting Process Calibrator displays pressure readings in 10 different pressure units and includes internal temperature compensation from 0º to 50º C. A PC interface allows data to be printed, archived, and analyzed with a computer.

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