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Fluke Calibration 9132 Portable IR Calibrator, 500°C
Fluke Calibration 9132 Portable IR Calibrator

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Whether you’re using in/line or handheld infrared pyrometers, you need good calibration standard to verify their accuracy. Our new portable IR calibrators provide stable blackbody targets for calibrating noncontact IR thermometers from /30° C to 500° C.

These new units feature a large, temperature controlled black/body target with a diameter of 2.25" (57mm), which offers large field of view area for optical variations in infrared thermometers. The emissivity of the isothermal target is set at 0.95, and the target temperature can be controlled in set/point increments of 0.1° from -30° C to 500 °C.

For even higher precision, a well is located directly behind the blackbody surface for contact calibration of the blackbody. Using an optional calibrated PRT and readout device, target accuracy of ±0.075 °C can be achieved.

These units are easy to use as "point and shoot." Simply set the desired blackbody temperature from the convenient front panel control buttons, wait a few minutes for equilibrium, and point the gun at the target. The radiated energy from the blackbody is measured by your IR thermometer. Simply compare its reading to the display on the blackbody and record the difference.

HR9132 / For IR calibrations above normal ambient, the HR9132 provides a stable blackbody target up to 500° C (932° F). With accuracy to ±0.5 °C and stability to ±0.1 °C, this new portable IR unit can certify most handheld pyrometers.

Short heating and cooling times mean you won’t have to wait long to get your work done.

Fluke Calibration Portable IR Calibrator Specifications




Temperature Range

50° C to 500° C

(122° F to 932° F)

–30° C to 150° C at 23° C ambient

(–22 to 302° F at 73° F ambient)


(Contact Calibration)

±0.5° C at 100° C (±0.9° F at 212° F)

±0.8° C at 500° C (±1.4° F at 932° F)

±0.4° C (±0.72° F)


±0.1° C at 100° C (±0.18° F at 212° F)

±0.3° C at 500° C (±0.54° F at 932° F)

±0.1° C (±0.18° F)

Target Size

2.25" (57 mm)

Target Emissivity




Heating Time

30 minutes (50° C to 500° C)

15 minutes (25° C to 150° C)

Cooling Time

30 minutes (500° C to 100° C)

15 minutes (25° C to –20° C)

Computer Interface

RS-232 included with 9930 Interface-it Software


115 VAC (±10%), 3A or 230 VAC (±10%),

1.5A, switchable, 50/60 Hz

115 VAC (±10%), 1.5A, 230 VAC(±10%),

1.0A, switchable, 50/60 Hz


4"H x 6"W x 7"D (102 x 152 x 178 mm)

6"Hx11.25"Wx10.5"D (152 x286 x267 mm)

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