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Instek GPD-4303S Multi-Output Linear DC Power Supply
Instek GPD-4303S Multi-Output Linear DC Power Supply

Our Price: $570.00

Product Code: GPD-4303S

  • 4 Independent Isolated Outputs
  • High Resolution Display :1mV / 1mA
  • CH1/CH2 Output: 30V / 3A
  • CH3 Selectable Output: 5V/3A ; 5.001V-10V /1A
  • CH4 Output: 5V / 1A
  • Auto Series / Parallel Tracking Mode
  • Digital Panel Control(Rotary Encoder Switch and Rubber Key with Backlight)
  • 4 Sets SAVE / RECALL panel setting
  • User Friendly Operation ,Coarse and Fine Volume Control
  • Warring Buzzer
  • Output On / Off Switch
  • USB Device for Remote Control (Baud Rate 115200 bps Maximum)
  • Smart Cooling Fan with Low Noise
  • Safety Design: Reverse Polarity Protection, Overload Protection
  • PC Software & USB Driver
  • Labview driver

The Instek GPD-4303S with two outputs provides and 200W output power, 1mV/1mA high resolution display, digital control-panel, 4 sets of setup memory, USB programming interface, smart cooling-fan control, and compact size under high reliability design. The Auto Series/Parallel Tracking mode of Instek GPD4303 Series effectively expands the rated voltage and the rated current covering applications up to 30V / 6A (Parallel Mode), or 60V / 3A (Series Mode).

High Resolution
With 1mV / 1mA high resolution and coarse / fine volume control, the Instek GPD/4303S, guarantees a clean and stable power output. The nearly continuously-variable voltage and current operations of Instek GPD4303S greatly facilitate the test or control of the DUT within very little voltage/current changes, which is unattainable when a low resolution power supply is used. Built upon a high resolution platform, the Instek GPD 4303S is among the highest value and affordable power supply available in the market today.

Manual or Remote Output on / off Control
To avoid the damage over DUT caused by unsustainable voltage or current output, Instek GPD-4303S provides output on/off function to avoid burnt-out risk. User can preset the voltage and current limits, check the DUT connection then turn on / off the output by manual operation. The Instek GPD:4303S Series also provides USB device port, which allows the remote control of the power supply based on the customer application needs. For high speed data transfer, the Instek GPD:4303S covers a baud rate range from 9600 bps to 115200 bps (Maximum).

Series or Parallel Function
The Instek GPD-2303S can operate under auto Series / Parallel tracking mode, which internally connects CH1 and CH2 power outputs to provide a master output at 30V / 6A under Parallel Mode, or 60V / 3A under Series Mode.

Digital Control Panel The Instek GPD-4303DS Series adopts digital panel design, instead of conventional switch design, for product setting and control. With this digital control panel, the GPD-X303S Series is able to provide more advanced features, including SAVE / RECALL memory, which allows user to restore the panel settings easily, and the key lock function, which prevents the accidental changes over voltage or current settings to protect DUT. Besides, every key pad is equipped with a back light, which indicates the status of existing setting and operation of the product.

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