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Digital or Analog Pulse Generators

High quality pulse generators and waveform generators are available from manufacturers such as HP, Instek, Agilent and Tektronix. The Agilent Waveform Generator features uncompromising performance for functions and waveforms. This easy-to-use piece of equipment utilizes direct digital synthesis techniques to create stable, accurate output signals for clean, low distortion sine waves. It can also generate variable edge or time pulses up to 5MHz as well as custom waveform generation to create what you need.

For arbitrary function generators, we carry a range of Instek series tools for accurate and affordable signal source covering the out of Sine, Square (Pulse), Ramp (Triangle), Noise and Arbitrary waveforms. This series provides users with a flexible environment for creating the specific waveform output as needed. For added versatility, Agilent’s Intuilink software includes a waveform editor that allows users to download and edit complex waveforms. The Instek AFG-3051 Arbitrary Function Generators has plenty of capabilities for its price. It features 50 MHz frequency range, supports multiple types of signal applications and has built-in multiple standard waveforms along with a host of waveform generating capabilities.

In addition to new equipment, we carry used function generators at affordable prices which you can also choose from to get comparable capabilities at a reasonable cost.

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Agilent 33220A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator HP/Agilent 33220A-001 20MHz Function/Arb Waveform Gen. Instek AFG-2005 5MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
HP/Agilent 33220A-001 20MHz Function/Arb Waveform Gen.
List Price: $2,297.00
Our Price: $1,795.00
Savings: $502.00
Instek AFG-2012 12MHz Arbitrary Function Generator Instek AFG-2025 25MHz Arbitrary Function Generator Instek AFG-2105 5MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
Instek AFG-2112 12MHz Arbitrary Function Generator Instek AFG-2125 25MHz Arbitrary Function Generator AFG2125 Instek AFG-3051 50MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
Instek AFG-3081 80MHz Arbitrary Function Generator Instek GFG-3015 Function Generator Instek GFG-8219A Digital Display Function Generator
Instek GFG-3015 Function Generator
List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $799.00
Instek GFG-8250A Digital Display Function Generator Instek GFG-8255A Digital Display Function Generator Instek GLC-9000 Leakage Current Tester
Agilent 33250A BK Precision 4033 50 MHz Pulse Generator BK Precision 4034 50 MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator
HP 33120A 15MHz Arbitrary/ Function Generator HP 33120A-001 15MHz Arbitrary/Function Generator w/ Phase Lock HP 3314A 20MHz Programmable Function Generator
HP 3324A 21MHz Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator HP 3325B 21MHz Synthesized Function Generator HP 3325B-001 21MHz Synthesized Function Generator w/ high stability timebase
HP 8012B 50MHz Pulse Generator HP 8082A 250MHz Dual output fast Pulse Generator HP 8112A 1Hz - 50MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
HP 8131A-001-020 500MHz Pulse Generator HP 8904A-001 Multifunction Synthesizer HP / Agilent 81104A Pulse Pattern Generator w/ (1) 81105A Output Modules
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