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Spectrum Analyzer Equipment

Spectrum analyzers measure the amplitude of a signal as it varies by frequency. Signals processed by spectrum analyzers are electrical but can be used to analyze acoustic pressure and optical light waves with the applicable transducer. Spectrum analyzers use either swept-tuned or FFT technology to obtain the spectrum of a signal. A real time spectrum analyzer uses a hybrid technique to eliminate gaps in the in the calculated RF spectrum. These instruments are useful in establishing the bandwidth of digital and analog signals. They are frequently employed to characterize signals from wireless transmitters to assure they meet federally mandated specifications.

Customers can buy spectrum analyzers from leading manufacturers. B&K Precision’s 2658A handheld spectrum analyzers provide performance similar to bench models yet are lightweight and compact for ease of use away from the bench. Instek’s GSP-930 spectrum analyzer features high stability for both frequency and amplitude measurements. A built in pre-amplifier provides a wide measurement range. Spectrum analyzer software is allows data from the GSP-930 to be analyzed and saved on a personal computer. A wide selection of new and used Agilent spectrum analyzers is also available.

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Instek GSP-830 Spectrum Analyzer Instek GSP-830TG Spectrum Analyzer w/ Tracking Generator BK Precision 2650A Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 3.3GHz
Instek GSP-830 Spectrum Analyzer
List Price: $4,500.00
Our Price: $4,500.00
BK Precision 2652A 3.3GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer w/ Tracking Generator Instek GSC-001 Carrying Case for GSP- 827 & 830 Spectrum Analyzer Instek GSP-730 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Instek GSP-930 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer Instek PWS-06 6GHz USB Power Sensor for GSP-930 BK Precision 2658A 50 kHz - 8.5 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
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