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Amplifiers increase the power of a signal by using a power supply to reproduce the configuration of the signal at a larger amplitude. Weak signal amplifiers are commonly used in wireless receivers and a number of audio applications. Power amplifiers are frequently used in wireless transmitters, broadcast transmitters and hi-fidelity audio equipment. Microwave amplifiers amplify low microwave frequencies and are important in broadband communication, instrumentation and electronic warfare applications. Attenuators reduce the amplitude of an electronic signal. They are most often used to reduce voltage and dissipate power.

High quality amplifiers and attenuators are available from manufacturers such as Agilent, Bird, Keithley and Narda. The Keithley 428 Current Amplifier converts small currents to a voltage that can be digitally displayed on an oscilloscope, waveform analyzer, or data acquisition system. An Agilent amplifier is available for microwave and broadband amplification. Agilent attenuators such as the 355F model have a frequency range up to 1 GHz and an attenuation range up to 120 dB. It is designed to minimize stray capacitances and inductances and reduce phase shift. A number of Agilent Coaxial Attenuator sets are available, and each includes several attenuators. They are ideal for calibration labs or applications where precision is required.

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Narda 766-10 Attenuator
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Agilent HP 8447E Amplifier
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