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Dry Well Calibrator

A dry well or dry block calibrator is used to calibrate temperature sensor assemblies such as thermocouples, thermistors and bi-metal thermometers. It consists of a heated block with one or more interchangeable inserts. A sensor is located within the block that measures and controls the temperature. A dry well calibrator typically has an accuracy of at least ±0.5°C between temperatures ranging from –25°C to 650°C. They are most often used for industrial test equipment calibration.

Hart Scientific offers a variety of reliable temperature calibration equipment. The 9141 Hart Scientific calibrator comes with six interchangeable inserts. It is accurate to ±0.5°C up to 400°C and ±1.0°C up to 650°C. The calibrator is capable of heating from ambient to 650°C in 12 minutes. Stabilization time is 12 minutes. An RS-232 computer interface is included. A NIST Traceable Certificate is provided with the calibrator. The Hart Scientific 9100SC Drywell Calibrator Block C is designed for temperatures between 35 °C and 375 °C. It heats to 375 °C in 9.5 minutes and stabilizes in 5 minutes.

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