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New LCR Meters

LCR meters measure inductance, capacitance and resistance. An A/C voltage is typically applied to the device under test. The LCR meter measures the current flowing through the device, the voltage across the device and the phase angle between the voltage and the current. They are often used for testing components, sensors, circuit boards and other electronic products in manufacturing, repair and research and development environments.

Customers can choose from a variety of handheld and bench top Instek LCR meters. Instek Precision LCR Meters LCR-817 feature 503 continuously variable frequencies from 12Hz to 10kHz with 0.05% accuracy. The powerful memory allows 100 test set ups to be stored and recalled. An RS232C interface and LCR software are optional. Handheld BK LCR meters such as the BK Precision 875B LCR Meter offer portability and durability. The 875B has a unique drop proof construction. It provides precision measurement of very low resistances and dissipation factor.

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BK Precision 894 Bench LCR Meter
Instek High Precision LCR Meters LCR-819
List Price: $1,850.00
Our Price: $1,850.00
Instek High Precision LCR Meters LCR-821
List Price: $2,560.00
Our Price: $2,560.00
BK Precision 894 Bench LCR Meter
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