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Fluke Calibration 9103 Field Dry-Well Calibrator
Fluke Calibration 9103

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  • Range: –25 °C to 140 °C (–13 °F to 284 °F) at 23 °C ambient
  • Accuracy: ±0.25 °C
  • Stability: ±0.02 °C at –25 °C ±0.04 °C at 140 °C
  • Well-to-Well Uniformity: ±0.1 °C between similarly sized wells
  • Heating Times: 18 minutes from ambient to 140 °C
  • Cooling Times: 20 minutes from ambient to –25 °C
  • Stabilization Time: 7 minutes
  • Immersion Depth: 124 mm (4.875")
  • Size(WxHxD): 143 x 261 x 245 mm (5.63 x 10.25 x 9.63 in)
  • Weight: 12 lb (5.7 kg)
  • NIST-Traceable Certificate Data at: –25 °C, 0 °C, 25 °C, 50 °C, 75 °C,100 °C, and 140 °
Each Unit Includes...
  • Nist Traceable Certificate
  • Insert A, B, C or D

f you've been using dry-well calibrators for field work, you know there's a lot more to a dry-well than its temperature range and stability. Size, weight, speed, convenience, and software are also significant.

Field dry-wells need to be portable, flexible, and suitable for high-volume calibrations or certifications. If they're not, you'll soon forget about the great stuff the sales rep told you and realize what you've really bought.

Fluke Calibration uses dry-wells every day in manufacturing and calibration, and know what makes a dry-well easy and productive to use-which is exactly how users describe Hart's series of field dry-wells. These dry-wells work for you instead of the other way around.

These three units beat every other comparable dry-well in the industry in performance, size, weight, convenience, ease of calibration, software, and price. In addition, the heating and cooling rate of each of these dry-wells is adjustable from the front panel, thermal switches can be checked for actuation testing, and multiple-hole inserts are available for a variety of probe sizes.

Hart dry-wells are easy to calibrate. You don't even have to open the case. This means less maintenance costs and less down time when they do need calibration.

Hart's Interface-it software lets you adjust set-points and ramp rates, log dry-well readings to a file, create an electronic strip chart, and perform thermal switch testing with data collection. The software is written for Windows and has a great graphical interface. Regardless of whether you want basic software or a completely automated calibration system, we've got what you want.

Every dry-well is tested at Hart's factory, and every unit comes with a NIST-traceable calibration. There's no extra charge for the report, because Hart considers it an essential ingredient in their quality program. You shouldn't have to pay extra for calibration procedures Hart performs anyway.


The 9103 covers below-ambient temperatures as low as -25 °C. The 9103 is stable to ±0.02 °C, and its display is calibrated to an accuracy of ±0.25 °C at all temperatures within its range. In just eight minutes, 0 °C is reached, and 100 °C is reached in six minutes, so your time is spent calibrating-not waiting.

The 9103 reaches temperatures 50 °C below ambient, so -25 °C is reached under normal ambient conditions. Hart's competitors like to advertise their units as reaching -45 °C when they really mean -45 °C below ambient, which typically means it will go to -20 °C. Hart's unit does not require you to work in a walk-in freezer to achieve its full advertised range.

Choose one of three removable inserts sized for probes from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter. Insert A handles a full range of probe sizes with a single well of each size. Insert B features two wells each of 3/8, 1/4, and 3/16 inches in diameter for doing comparison calibrations. Insert C has six 1/4-inch-diameter wells for multiple probe calibrations, and Insert D has three pairs of metric sized wells.

The 9103 is so easy to use, that with a good reference thermometer you can re-calibrate it yourself. (You’ll still want to send it to us periodically for a new NIST–traceable certification, though).

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