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Programmable DC Power Supply

A programmable DC power supply coverts A/C line power to D/C current at low voltage levels appropriate for electronic circuits and devices. They are used in many applications such as automated equipment testing, crystal growth monitoring, and differential thermal analysis. Power supply high voltage dc programmable units are used in many industries including medical, analytical, military, and semiconductor. A dual power supply has both positive and negative outputs. A single output switching power supply uses a switching regulator to control the conversion of electrical power for better efficiency.

The PST-3201 Instek DC programmable power supply has a high resolution 10mV, 1mA digitized programmable interface. It provides 100 sets of memory as well as over voltage, over current and over temperature protection. The GPD-2303S 2 Instek power supply has two isolated outputs with 180W of output power. It is also equipped with 4 sets of setup memory, USB programming interface and a smart cooling-fan control.

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Instek PST-3201 Programmable D.C. Power Supply
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