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Used Analog & Digital Oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes display changes in an electrical signal over time in the construct of a waveform. An oscilloscope allows the analysis of amplitude, frequency, rise time, distortion and other properties of the signal. Signals such as sound and vibration can be converted to voltage and analyzed as well. Oscilloscopes are available in analog or digital. Analog oscilloscopes operate by directly applying a voltage to an electron beam moving across the screen. Digital types sample the waveform and use an analog to digital converter to convert the voltage to a digital format. Oscilloscopes are frequently used in the design and repair of many types of electronic equipment.

There are a large variety of used oscilloscopes for sale. The Tektronix 2445B used analog oscilloscope features auto setup, measure and pass/fail. It also includes direct plot capabilities. The Agilent 54624A used digital oscilloscope includes a patented high definition display and flexible triggering. Both digital and analog used oscilloscopes Tektronix are available. Used Tektronix oscilloscope test equipment provides customers quality and cost savings.

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